2020-2025 consultation

Draft Management Plan 2020-2025

The public consultation draft Management Plan for 2020-2025 is available below. You have the opportunity to make comments on this Draft Plan during the 10 week public consultation period which runs from 23rd October to 6th January. There are also two public ‘drop-in’ sessions to discuss the Plan with AONB staff:-

  • Monday 2nd December, 3pm-7pm, The Mackenzie Hall, Brockweir, NP16 7NP
  • Wednesday 11th December, 3pm-7pm, Larruperz Centre, Ross-on-Wye, HR9 7QD

Please send all consultation comments to aonb.officer@wyevalleyaonb.org.uk , stating:-

  • name,
  • address (postal & e-mail),
  • organisation (if appropriate or indicate if responding as an individual), and
  • reference each specific paragraph number relevant to your comments.

The comments and responses to the consultation draft and the post-consultation draft Management Plan will be presented to the Wye Valley AONB Joint Advisory Committee in July 2020 and will be published here. The finalised and adopted Plan will replace the current AONB Management Plan 2015-20.

The Draft Management Plan is available to download in the following formats.

It will also be available at local council offices and the libraries in Hereford, Ross-on-Wye, Coleford, Monmouth and Chepstow. A hard copy can also be posted to individuals on request by contacting the AONB Unit on 01600 713977 or office@wyevalleyaonb.org.uk or by post to Wye Valley AONB Office, Hadnock Road, Monmouth NP25 3NG.

The Management Plan also fall under the requirements of European Directives on Habitats Regulation Assessments (HRA) and Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA). These will also be published here. Consideration will also be given to undertaking a broader Sustainability Appraisal for the Management Plan given the importance of the social and environmental context in this area. Formal guidance is awaited from Welsh Government on whether a Health Impact Assessment may also be required, but potentially that could also be wrapped into the same overall appraisal.

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