Caring for the Wye Valley AONB

What we do

We do this by working on projects and initiatives with landowners, local communities, visitors and public, private & voluntary organisation to conserve and enhance the area’s natural beauty. We can provide advice and opportunities to help you do this.

We raise awareness of the value of the landscape and the diversity of nature and culture within and around the Wye Valley AONB. We encourage you to learn about the Wye Valley, to visit and enjoy it, and get involved, which will benefit both your health and wellbeing and the AONB’s.

We work collaboratively with farmers, landowners, forest owners, rural businesses and local communities to promote sustainable development and further the statutory AONB Management Plan.

We work on both long-term landscape-scale initiatives and smaller localised projects, whatever can help further the statutory AONB Management Plan. Over the years we have gained a considerable amount of experience and expertise in cross-border working and project development and delivery. Click below to see a selection of current Projects that the AONB Unit are leading and also some examples of Past Projects.

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