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Yat Rock

At Coldwell Rocks many tourists left their boats and walked up to the viewpoint at Yat Rock whilst the crew rowed the boat around the four mile loop to New Weir to meet the tourists on the other side.

…. In due time we gained the platform of rock crowning the narrow ridge, and I was well rewarded for my toils and tumbles, by the grand view spread around; with the Wye winding about below, and almost making an island of the lofty point on which I stood.Louisa Anne Twamley, An Autumn Ramble on the Wye, 1839

Today Yat Rock is an internationally famous viewpoint which continues to delight visitors of all ages. Often busy with tourists, Yat Rock also attracts ornithologists keen to catch sight of the peregrine falcons who have chosen to nest on nearby Coldwell Rocks.

From April until August there is a Peregrine Viewing Point. RSPB staff and volunteers are on hand with telescopes, to tell visitors about the peregrines – the fastest birds in the world.


Access is from the A40 at Whitchurch or from the B4432 north of Coleford. Follow brown tourist signs to Symonds Yat Rock. Access to Yat Rock is via a footpath from the main Forestry Commission car park at Symonds Yat.

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