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What's it all about?

Performance by AmampondoCentered in the historic town of Monmouth in the beautiful Wye Valley, the Festival kicks off every year on the last Friday in July. All the concerts are free, mostly taking place in the evening in the old market, with the town's Monnow Bridge making an impressive backdrop.

The festival is a free annual 9-day event, focused on the main stage but also with satellite activities around the town. Primarily a music festival, we offer you Rock, Blues, Soul, Ska, Jazz, Folk, Classical and world music, along with a wide variety of non-music attractions over the nine days.

Why visit?

A visit to the Wye Valley, should not be without some time spent at Monmouth Festival.

Monmouth CarnivalCarnival Sunday is a family fun day not to be missed. Take part in the Kymin Dash (7 mile) fun run, or watch the colourful Carnival procession; join in a tug-of-war or simply get caught up in the entertainment.

Parking is plentiful in the town centre – follow the permanent signposts and expect a short walk through the town.

The atmosphere is superb – a huge community celebration - so grab a drink from one of the many pubs and enjoy a great welcome to historic, contemporary Monmouth!

For more information vist the Monmouth Festival website.

How did it all start?

The festival has been running steadily since 1983, and has now grown to be one of the biggest free festivals in the UK. Arising from a three-towns event across Monmouthshire, after which the town community decided to make it an annual event, it developed through a number of forms, but using the town's central Agincourt Square as its focus from the start. During the renovation of the Town Hall the focus has moved down the street to the Old Cattle Market under the historic Monnow Bridge.

Dr & The MedicsIn the mid-90's the square started to be closed to traffic for each evening of the festival, and the potential of the stage acts to draw larger crowds was enhanced. Now some 30-40,000 visitors attend during the 9 days, with several thousand attending the ‘big nights’ in the square, and the Carnival Sunday.