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Dyffryn Ysbrydoledig - Man Geni Twristiaeth Prydain

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Eagle's Nest

The Eagle’s Nest is a spectacular viewpoint, high above the Wye at Wyndcliff, looking out over the sweeping curve of the river around the Lancaut Peninsula. In the distance the river winds out to the Severn.

The Wyndcliff was, in effect, the start (or finish) of Valentine Morris’s Piercefield Walk, the highest point on the walk with the grandest view. Coleridge, one of the Romantic poets, described the Wyndcliff view as “the whole world imaged in its vast circumference”.

the river here forms almost a circle and the rocks richly wooded an amphitheatre, over which a wide extended country appears spread out including the river Severn beyond.
Joseph Farington The Wye Tour of Joseph Farington, 1803


There are two routes; The first via the strenuous 365 Steps, starts at the Lower Wyndcliff Forest Enterprise car park adjacent to the A466, just north of St Arvans. Follow signs across the road up the 365 steps. At the top turn right at the bench along the Wye Valley Walk. The sign for Eagle’s Nest is on the right.

For a gentler climb start from the Upper Wyndcliff car park, which is reached via a lane off the A466, 1⁄2 mile north of St Arvans. The car park is on the right after about 1⁄2 mile. Take the footpath on the left at the back of the car park which is signposted for Eagle’s Nest and Wye Valley Walk - 350yds. Follow this stony path uphill, without turning off the main route (unless you want to sneak a peep at the view) until reaching the sign for Eagle’s Nest off to the right. Go down the steps to the viewpoint where there is a bench.

Note how thick woods now obscure the cliffs and exposed rock along the right bank of the river, cliffs which were clearly visible in the nineteenth century picture. Note also the similarities and changes in the hedges and field layout of the farmland on the left bank of the river. This farm was bought by the Piercefield Estate in order to protect their views across the valley!

Circular Route

It is possible to take a circular route, returning via the 365 steps, by turning left at the bench on your way back down the hill. At the bottom of the steps follow the path back round to the car park at Upper Wyndcliff. For the less able there is a very short path on the right of the Upper Wyndcliff car park which leads to a bench with views over the river.

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