Wye Valley River Festival and Hereford River Carnival

The Wye Valley River Festival combined with the Hereford River Carnival to produce an amazing variety of performances, processions and events.The Water Ones again provided thought provoking and entertaining performances and the Giant Samovar bubbled away all day providing Samovar tea for the public.

The Wye Serai Caravans opened their doors to the public with storytelling in the Caravan of Myths and Legends, a range of artifacts for examination provided by the National Museum of Wales in the Caravan of Fact and Wonder and watery experiences in the Carvan of Hydrosities and Curiosities. The A&E Health Laboratory rolled through the crowd with Mr and Mrs Clark checking the public's health and Mr Cherry, the Festival Documenter recorded the proceedings iand stamped the special River Festival Passports. The River Bed gave people a chance to lie down, relax and take a break during the Festival.

Music was provided by Tim Hill and his band who accompanied the performances and processions whilst decorated floats wound their way down the Wye together with the Festival Heron who had been such a resounding success in the previous evening's launch. Flags, designed and produced by local schoolchildren fluttered with bunting and streamers around the Wye Serai and a rainbow shoal of origami fish delighted onlookers.


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