Monmouth 2014

Eve of the Trial
May 9, 2014 
Produced and Directed by Desperate Men and the River Festival team, performed by the Wye Valley River Festival Ensemble, And Now Pyrotechnics, The Monmouth Band, The Savoy Youth Theatre and The AONB Youth Rangers.

The authorities, led by the Badgers and Mink had 'Ratty the Water Vole on the run.
He was spotted in Monmouth but went into hiding however he was found and arrested. Judge Wild Boar made a grand entrance to Monmouth via the River Wye and celebrated Ratty's capture and imprisonment at Monmouth Shire Hall.

The audience enjoyed the Chloe Loftus Dance performance of their new piece, specially commissioned by Articulture for the Wye Valley River Festival

In the evening crowds enjoyed a fantastic fire garden display at Dixton Church.

The Trial
May 10, 2014

The Trial and Grand Assizes were the theatrical centrepieces of the festival and brought to life the environmental issues underpinning Ratty's story and gave voice to the concerns of local communities. Ratty was put on trial in the courtroom  The Shire Hall, Monmouth and performers, local witnesses and experts gave evidence. It ended with a theatrical climax on Monnow Bridge where Ratty escaped his execution and disappeared into the night and was then pursued along the river to Chepstow.

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