Brockweir 2014

Life in a Village River Port
May 17 2014
Produced and directed entirely by the Community Groups of Brockweir with help from Karl Daymond and the Wye Valley AONB Unit

The ordinarily peaceful village of Brockweir turned the clock back to the heyday of the river trade with the community recapturing the flavour of a bustling port

Known to many as a “refuge for lawless characters” and “a den of iniquity”, Victorian Brockweir boasted many pubs and cider houses.
Hundreds of visitors met many of the characters of the time, joined in the entertainment and discovered the fascinating history of this once lawless village through stories and street performances from pirates, policemen, prostitutes and vagabonds to name but a few.

Several historic tours were organised and people were encouraged to discover the history of this small village by visiting many of the houses  to get a sense of what life was like in Victorian times.

Morris dancers gave an energetic performance and a range of musicians played and entertained the crowd. Donkeys carried sacks of goods to the quay. Boats arrived on the morning high tide or moored overnight at Brockweir Quay to give a taste of a variety of river craft from a colourful narrowboat through a Wye Tour boat and down to a small dinghy.

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