Writers and Poets

The Wye Valley attracted many famous writers and poets

Poets and writers

Thomas Gray (author of Elegy in a Country Churchyard) also played his part in promoting the Wye Tour. In 1770, the same year that Gilpin made the visit which provided material for his later book, Gray  too journeyed to the Wye. He wrote: “The very principal light, a capital feature of my journey was the river Wye, which I descended in a boat for near forty miles, from Ross to Chepstow. Its banks are a succession of nameless beauties.”

Wordsworth was also captivated by the abbey and its setting, observing  in 1798 in his “Lines Written a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey”, the “steep and lofty cliffs”, the waters “rolling from their mountain springs with a sweet inland murmur” and the “wild green landscape.”

One of the many tourists to marvel at this view was the Romantic poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge(1772-1834). “Oh what a godly scene….The whole world seemed imaged in its vast circumference,” he wrote. at Eagles Nest.

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